Less Work. More Ministry. Easy Jethro.

Easy Jethro is a simple, inexpensive church database.

Why a church database?

Pastor people, not paper.

If you're a pastor, you need to keep track of people (1 Peter 5:2). But you don’t have a photographic memory and you're not an accountant. This is easy if you simply tell a machine who turned up each week, and it tells you who's been missing for a while.

If you're a pastor, you need to focus on the important things (Acts 6:1-4). Not on passing around scraps of paper or emailing spreadsheets. This is easy when there's one reliable, secure place where everyone can help themselves to the info they need.

If you're a pastor, you need to be able to delegate (Exodus 18:13–23). And to know whether the delegated work is actually getting done. This is easy when there's a central register of what needs to be done, who's doing it, and whether it's finished yet.

An online church database like Easy Jethro means you can care for people more effectively, while the normal church admin rolls on around you.

“So many churches would benefit from having a good member database tool. Easy Jethro is certainly one of them. Being built locally also means that customers have easy access to the developers should they have suggestions to improve an already good product.”

Why Easy Jethro?

There are hundreds of church databases on the market.  Our service is based on the Jethro PMM open-source software, which we host in a reliable, secure environment.  We think you'll find our database is a good fit because it's easy.

Easy Jethro requires no maintenance from you.  It's a web-based software-as-a-service product, so you simply access it via any modern web browser, tablet or smartphone.  There's no installation to perform, no hardware for you to maintain.  You have peace of mind because we look after all the setup, security and backups for you.

Easy Jethro is simple to use.  Some church databases have a gazillion specialised features which you'll never need, which just make it harder to find your way around.  Jethro was built in and for a regular Australian church, so it has all the features we actually needed and nothing more.

Easy Jethro is flexible.  It doesn't have custom modules for this and that, which force you to work a certain way.  Jethro just has general tools which you can use to solve a bunch of different problems in your own way.

Easy Jethro is inexpensive. We're straightforward about our pricing and you'll find us much more affordable than our competitors.

“Jethro has served us well since 2007. Everyone can find the information they need, and we can easily see the big picture of our church's ministry. As the number of members, staff, congregations and sites has grown, Jethro has helped us to make sure nobody falls between the cracks.”


People and Families

  • Capture names, contact details, age, gender, photos and more
  • Use custom fields to record details specific to your context
  • Track people's progress from casual contacts to signed-up members
  • Click through to Google Maps

Congregations and Groups

  • See at a glance where somebody fits into your church
  • Record membership of Bible study groups, ministry teams, training courses, special events
  • Use groups to tag people's interests, skills, certifications and more
  • Navigate smoothly between groups and the people that are in them

Notes and Tasks

  • Add more info about people and families progressively over time
  • Assign notes for action by yourself or other users, now or in the future
  • Record progress and monitor outstanding tasks
  • Automate your procedures using customised action plans

Attendance and Reporting

  • Record who was present and absent at Sunday services and other groups
  • View attendance statistics and detailed attendance history
  • Assign notes to follow up absentees
  • Execute powerful custom reports based on personal details, group membership, attendance and more


  • Link directly to your email program to quickly send emails to individuals, families, congregations, groups, roster volunteers or demographics within Jethro
  • Synchronise with MailChimp to send e-newsletters
  • Send bulk SMS messages directly from Jethro

Schedules and Rosters

  • Plan your service schedule with topics and Bible readings
  • Assign people to roles and view rosters in multiple configurations
  • Plan services in details with songs, prayers and liturgical items.
  • Quickly communicate with relevant personnel by email or SMS
  • Publish your schedules and rosters live online so everyone always sees the latest version

Imports and Exports

  • Import persons and families from CSV
  • Export person data and custom reports to CSV or VCard
  • Use Jethro's mail merge to easily create name tags, mailing labels etc
  • Extract family-based listings ready for your printed church directory

Restrictions and Security

  • Manage user accounts to give access to your staff and lay leaders
  • Hide irrelevant features from certain users, or from everyone
  • Restrict users to see only certain congregations or groups
  • Use the dedicated members area to give church members access to appropriate information

Easy Interaction

  • Web-based system available throughout the internet with nothing to install
  • Optimised for modern web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari), tablets (iPad / Android) and smartphones (iPhone / Android)
  • Simple and attractive user interface based on the latest frameworks


Easy Jethro is a cost effective solution. Our $29 per month plan is ample for most churches, and there are discounts if you pay a year in advance.

Plan A Plan B Plan C
Up to
1300 persons
60 user accounts
Up to
3000 persons
120 user accounts
Up to
5000 persons
200 user accounts
Monthly $29 $37 $45
12 months in advance $329 $419 $499
First Year Special $165 $210 $250
Notes: All prices are in Australian dollars. GST is not charged on our services. SMS Text Messages are charged separately in prepaid packs of 1000 messages for $60 (+3% surcharge for credit card / paypal). Payment can be made by direct deposit (preferred), credit card, paypal or cheque. If paying monthly, credit cards and paypal attract a 3% surcharge and cheque is not accepted. Archived persons and church-member accounts do not count towards the quotas above. The First Year Special is available for new customers who pay upfront. Please contact us for pricing for more than 5000 persons / 200 users. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.


Get a feel for Jethro by taking our demo system for a spin.

Contact and Sign-up

New Customers:
Contact sales@easyjethro.com.au to sign up or ask a question.

Existing Customers:
Contact support@easyjethro.com.au for help, or visit our support page.