People and Families

  • Capture names, contact details, age, gender, photos and significant dates
  • Share common information within a family, with no need to enter anything twice
  • Track progress from casual contacts to signed-up members
  • Click through to Google Maps



Congregations and Groups

  • See at a glance where somebody fits into your church
  • Record membership of Bible study groups, ministry teams, training courses, special events
  • Use groups to tag people's interests, skills, certifications and more
  • Navigate smoothly between groups and the people that are in them




Notes and Tasks

  • Add more info about people and families progressively over time
  • Assign notes for action by yourself or other users, now or in the future
  • Record progress and monitor outstanding tasks
  • Automate your procedures using customised action plans




Attendance and Reporting

  • Record who was present and absent at Sunday services and other groups
  • View attendance statistics and detailed attendance history
  • Assign notes to follow up absentees
  • Execute powerful custom reports based on personal details, group membership, attendance and more





  • Link directly to your email program to quickly send emails to individuals, families, congregations, groups, roster volunteers or demographics within Jethro
  • Synchronise with MailChimp to send e-newsletters
  • Send bulk SMS messages directly from Jethro




Schedules and Rosters

  • Plan your service schedule with topics and Bible readings
  • Assign people to roles and view rosters in multiple configurations
  • Send communications to whole groups of volunteers or just this week's assignees
  • Publish your schedules and rosters live online so everyone always sees the latest version
  • Mail merge service details to quickly create weekly handouts




Imports and Exports

  • Import persons and families from CSV
  • Export person data and custom reports to CSV or VCard
  • Use Jethro's mail merge to easily create name tags, mailing labels etc
  • Extract family-based listings ready for your printed church directory




Restrictions and Security

  • Manage user accounts to give access to your staff and lay leaders
  • Hide irrelevant features from certain users, or from everyone
  • Restrict users to see only certain congregations or groups




Easy Interaction

  • Web-based system available throughout the internet with nothing to install
  • Optimised for modern web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari), tablets (iPad / Android) and smartphones (iPhone / Android)
  • Simple and attractive user interface based on the latest frameworks