Easy Jethro is a simple, inexpensive church database.

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Why a church database?

So many churches would benefit from having a good member database tool. Easy Jethro is certainly one of them. Being built locally also means that customers have easy access to the developers should they have suggestions to improve an already good product.

Pastor people, not paper.

If you’re a pastor, you need to keep track of people (1 Peter 5:2). But you don’t have a photographic memory and you’re not an accountant.   This is easy if you simply tell a machine who turned up each week, and it tells you who’s been missing for a while.

If you’re a pastor, you need to focus on the important things (Acts 6:1-4).  Not on passing around scraps of paper or emailing spreadsheets.   This is easy when there’s one reliable, secure place where everyone can help themselves to the info they need.

If you’re a pastor, you need to be able to delegate (Exodus 18:13–23).  And to know whether the delegated work is actually getting done. This is easy when there’s a central register of what needs to be done, who’s doing it, and whether it’s finished yet.

An online church database like Easy Jethro means you can care for people more effectively, while the normal church admin rolls on around you.

Why Easy Jethro?

Jethro has served us well since 2007. Everyone can find the information they need, and we can easily see the big picture of our church’s ministry. As the number of members, staff, congregations and sites has grown, Jethro has helped us to make sure nobody falls between the cracks.
Andrew Katay, Christ Church Inner West

There are hundreds of church databases on the market.  Our service is based on the Jethro PMM open-source software, which we host in a reliable, secure environment.  We think you’ll find our database is a good fit because it’s easy.


People and FamiliesViewFamilyMed

Congregations and GroupsListGroupsMed

Notes and TasksSingleNoteSmall

Attendance and ReportingAttendanceRecordSmall


Schedules and RostersRosterAssign

Imports and ExportsContactList

Restrictions and SecurityRestrictions

Easy interaction OnMobileSmall


Easy Jethro is a cost effective solution. Our $29 per month plan is ample for most churches,
and there are discounts if you pay a year in advance.

Plan A Plan B Plan C
Up to
1500 persons
30 user accounts
Up to
3000 persons
60 user accounts
Up to
5000 persons
100 user accounts
Monthly $29 $49 $74
12 months in advance $329 $559 $839
Church Plants We are keen to support new churches. If your church is less than 1 year old, please contact us for special offers.
Large Churches Please contact us for pricing for more than 5000 persons / 100 users.
Text Messages SMS messages are charged separately in prepaid packs of 1000 messages for $60 (+3% surcharge for credit card / paypal)
Payment Methods Payment can be made by direct deposit (preferred), credit card, paypal or cheque.
If paying monthly, credit cards and paypal attract a 3% surcharge and cheque is not accepted.

GST is not charged on our services. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details of fees and payment.


Take Easy Jethro for a spin by clicking below. Please contact us with any questions.



Why is Easy Jethro so cheap?  Is it dodgy?

There are other church database providers with roughly similar functionality that are more expensive than Easy Jethro.  Because we leverage the existing Jethro PMM open source software (built and used by a bunch of churches over several years), our costs are around the hosting, maintenance, security and support of your system – we don’t have to pay a team of developers to build it from scratch.

If Jethro is free, why should I pay you for it?

The Jethro PMM software is free. But to run it, you need to know how to install it on a web server.  Then you need to make sure the web server is secure enough.  Then you need to make sure it’s regularly backed up and the server is kept up  to date with security patches.  With Easy Jethro you don’t need to worry about any of these details – you pay us for the service and you get a reliable, secure Jethro system that just works.

Can’t I just install Jethro alongside my website?

Many churches run their own Jethro PMM systems and for some churches that’s a great option.  But the cheap web hosting you might use for your website probably doesn’t have an appropriate level of security for storing personal information like you do in Jethro.  For example you’ll generally be sharing the server with a bunch of other users who may have installed insecure software, and the lack of SSL encryption means your username and password can be eavesdropped on the network.

I’ve heard websites can get hacked.  Is Easy Jethro secure?

We use industry best practice to make sure your data stays secure and intact.  This includes

I’ve heard some stories about online storage.  Can the US Government come and seize my data at any time?

The US Patriot Act does give the US Government access to private data.  It applies to servers that are located in the US or owned by US companies.   This has raised some questions about whether Australian organisations can store private information on US servers without breaching the more stringent Australian Privacy Act.  Easy Jethro is an Australian company that stores your data physically within Australia on Australian-owned hardware so you can be confident that by using our service you are not breaching Australian privacy laws.

What are your policies on usage and privacy?

Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for all the details.


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